Technology In Real Estate…How An iPad Made Me A Better Realtor®

Ok, I know what your thinking…….How can an iPad make someone a better Realtor?

In the past few months I was lucky enough (with the help of a nameless, but wonderful friend) to get my hands on an iPad mini for a VERY good price.

Thanks  to this wonderful friend, I entered into the Macintosh world with a sense of purpose and enthusiasm and learned some of the awesome benefits of technology in real estate and how it can improve how well I do my job.

Not being that much of a techy myself I must say that the first few steps were scary. With a little help and one very gracious gentleman I am off to a running start.

Along Came Ed Robinson….

I got my start with my iPad when I signed up for a course I found online that was an introduction to  using this nifty little tool for my everyday real estate transactions etc. I thought hey what have I got to lose and off I went to get some more education.

My instructor for this course was Ed Robinson. He is a Toronto Broker and a very experienced real estate agent that runs his entire business with his iPad and a computer. He is essentially paperless real estate agent. The awesome part about all of this, and the part that made me feel that I could do the same, is the fact the Ed is in his seventies…

I was very excited. I wanted to learn how I could use this new tool to be a better agent and was also curious to see how Ed put this all together for his students especially at his age. Ed is a very amazing and charming man. He really knows his stuff and I couldn’t believe the valuable information that he had to offer. He educated me and a small group of like minded agents how technology in real estate has come a long way to help agents provide better service for their clients.

How My iPad Benefits Me and My Clients

  • Electronic Signature for Buyer’s Agreement
  • Electronic Signature for Seller’s Agreement
  • E-Signature for all other paperwork except actual offers.
  • Paperless transmission via email for access anywhere
  • Better follow up and reporting to my clients

Here is a list of benefits that make my life easier.

  • Electronic record keeping so my files for your transaction are always accessible and available.
  • Easier emailing of documents
  • Less paper….better for the environment
  • Complete customer database at my fingertips
  • Easy follow up so I can keep my clients in the loop easier
  • and a whole lot more…

Rules of E-Signature

Unfortunately people are still catching up with technology….namely our government.

Ok, don’t act so surprised. LOL!!

In most provinces this cool feature is available, but in Ontario the government is still catching up with technology. Ontario is currently working on making this a possibility as you read this. I can’t wait!!

This would mean that all I would require is my iPad and your signature to get an offer done. No more back and forth to the office, multiple copies of the offer, etc. Life as a real estate agent will get so much better and my clients will be that much easier to serve.

Ya, I know that not everyone is on the new technology bad wagon, but I feel as an agent it is my duty to be in the know. When it comes to trends and technology I want to be on top of my game for my clients.  After all my clients are my number one priority!

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