"60 Days to Sold" Strategy Session

Niagara's Premium Home Evaluation

Find Out What Your Home Is Worth...Or What It Could Be Worth!

  • The Ideal Buyer

    First we must figure out your ideal buyer. Then put yourself in their shoes and look closely at your home.

  • Observe

    Objectively view the home as that ideal buyer. Make a list of everything you notice both good and bad.

  • Where To Add Value

    Should you make improvements? If so, will they add value? Make a list and evaluate your options.

  • Your Home vs. Others

    How does your home stack up to the neighbourhood houses? This will determine selling price and repairs.

  • Financial List

    List all financials such as mortgage(s) and the costs of selling to determine profitability.

  • Discuss Options

    With all the gathered information it’s now time to discuss options for a quick and profitable sale.

  • Make A Checklist

    Create a checklist of all the necessary steps to prepare your home for a successful and trouble free sale

  • Marketing Plan

    Discuss a marketing plan to attract as many buyers to your home as possible. See “Stephs 7 Steps”

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