The NOT So Qualified Home Inspector

home_inspection_with Steph Royal Lepage Niagara

What qualifies someone to be a home inspector these days???? As a real estate investor I have never hired a home inspector although it has been suggested on several occasions. I have always performed my own inspections with my partner who as well as myself is an experienced renovator. We have learned to rely on our…

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“Secret Agent Syndrome”

Niagara Real Estate Agents...Secret Agents

No one likes a complainer, but I am sure there are a lot of people out there that have an opinion about real estate agents and the industry that I work in. Lets just say there is a big reason I became a real estate agent and it wasn’t because of the money….. I would…

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Proven Property Presentation Tips to Sell Your Home For More

To maximize the sale price of your home you need to maximize your presentation If done properly you remove any excuse for a buyer to ask for a price reduction. If you follow and apply these 5 steps below, you’ll dramatically reduce the chance of “leaving money on the table” when you sell. Property Presentation…

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Technology In Real Estate…How An iPad Made Me A Better Realtor®

Ok, I know what your thinking…….How can an iPad make someone a better Realtor? In the past few months I was lucky enough (with the help of a nameless, but wonderful friend) to get my hands on an iPad mini for a VERY good price. Thanks  to this wonderful friend, I entered into the Macintosh…

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The Upside to Downsizing…Keeping Your Sanity!

Thinking of downsizing? Then stick around…I have a few tips! Downsizing…it’s what happens after you’ve lived in that big beautiful home, raised a few kids, shared a lot of memories and along the way probably collected way too much stuff!! Does the very thought of downsizing  scare the pants off of you! Where do you…

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60 Days to Sold Strategy Session Vs. Free Home Evaluation

60 Days To Sold” Strategy Session…The Only Way To Evaluate Your Home It is no secret that selling a house can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Ask yourself a question. Will a “free home evaluation” from a real estate agent help sell my house? I think the answer to this…

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